About us

Dr. Wiesener is a city pub in Sandviken (or Dræggen if we have to be strict), but of course it's not just that. We are also a bunch of people who drive, work and create the community that Dr. Wiesener actually is. All of us are committed to creating a good atmosphere in the workplace - for our own part and for our guests, strictly speaking, Dr. Wiesener makes possible.

Dr. Wiesener


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Whether you are first-time visitor or a frequent flyer, King Solomon or Jørgen Hattemaker, does not matter. The same hospitality is given in all directions and that we are proud of!

Our history

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Dr. Wieseners folkebad fra 1889 ble opprettet i folkehelsens ånd. Nyere forskning i andre halvdel av 1800-tallet viste at renslighet ikke bare var en dyd, men også helsefremmende. Men badet ble også reist til minne om overlegen ved Bergen kommunale sykehus, Joachim Wiesener. Dr. Wieseners ble åpnet i 1889, året etter selveste Dr. Wieseners død.


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Dr. Wiesener
Nye Sandviksveien 17 A
Bergen, Hordaland
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Opening hours
All days 13–01:00
Kitchen between 15-21:00
Reservations: 981 27 732